Monkii Mounting Family

This is another innovative product design from Taiwan. It is a bike holder for water bottle or tool kit. Unlike conventional design of water bottle cage on bikes, Monkii gives you an option to switch either a bottle holder or tool kit. 

The design is rather simple, by using two cleats mounted on the existing bike water holder, the Monkii Cage and Wedge can be snap in and out with ease.

The Monkii Cage

The Monkii Cage water bottle holder is made of mostly recycle material. It comes with various color to choose from to suit your bike color and can hold any sizes of water bottle up to a 1.5lts bottle. The cage has rubber grips that will prevent any rattling to the water bottle. It is secure with a Velcro.

Monkii Wedge
The Monkii Wedge is a tool pouch. You can use it to store personal items or you tool kit such as spare tube, bolts and nuts etc. The interior of the pouch has organiser pockets and bands so that the items are properly place and secure. To use the items for the Wedge, just snap out from the bike holder and roll the Wedge out. One feature we like about wedge is that it uses a see thru material. Any items place in a pocket can be seen from the outside.

Monkii Clip
This is the latest accessories added to the family. Most bikes comes with one mounting point for the bottle cage and many of us are stuck with the option to have additional mounting. The Monkii Clip provides the solution with its clip around the bike design for tube 25 to 38mm with 2 different sizes of hex bolts to choose from. It comes with a rubber padding that will prevent scratches to your bike frame. 

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