Qi Keng Wild Hot Spring 七坑野溪溫泉

Kaohsiung County
Last Visited: 28 Feb 2010
GPS: N23 06.126 E120 45.150
This is the best wild hot spring in Southern Taiwan!! My fellow biker friends discussed during our camping trip at Shidong Hot Spring campsite. So the next day I decided to embark an unknown journey as we are unsure how the Aug 8 2009 disaster left in her path.

Following my friends direction, I will have to drive till I meet the 2 red pole. From my GPS, I would need to drive 9.3km from the campsite and mostly off-road

Wait!! my friends did not tell me there is another junction and why is there a big yellow cross??

Hm...there is big risk driving further as most of the road are to small for a U-turn. What is it saying in those little white Chinese character??!! "Not Passable 2010.2.24". So we decided to park our vehicle at the junction and hike the remaining 2km to the river bed.

Glad that we hiked

one of the few land slides that covered the road

Taking Siboy across one of the make do bamboo bridge

I must say Siboy 3month old puppy that we pick up from Hualien a week ago is keeping up well in the 4km return hike from 750m sea level down to the river bed and back.

GPS says this is the place but the road ends here. We need to find another way down the river.

where is the hot spring on this river???!!! I do not see any tell tale sign of hot spring

Decided to take another route down the river. I came to this spot and saw my turtle friends at the river bed. You do not want to know what that girl is doing there.

Where did these Ninja turtles come from??!! and I have to hike from 750m high to the river bed.

Can this be the place but we can't get there without getting wet.

Coming 4pm already! We decided to hike back up the mountain to our vehicle. When we return to our vehicle I decided to take the right path at the junction and find another direction to the river bed. I met a local farmer and asked him about the spa. He doesn't seems friendly and he was grinding his "Parang" while his poor captives dogs watched. Well...I do not wish to be one of his dogs so I left and headed back the road. However he did tell me the hot spring is still there but it is not open to public.
Guess maybe you guys have better luck. So much about the lovely Southern wild hot spring.

Ok guys....I just found some new updates on the internet. Jan 2010 there was a group that managed to get to the hot spring. Doesn't seems much left of a hot spring. Here is the link. Crap I did not realise there was Si Keng Wild hot spring 十坑溫泉 and Shi Er Keng hot spring 十二坑溫泉. To get to these hot spring, you will need to take the right path where I had stop at the marker. That was the correct road down the river bed just that I did not go any further.
Anyway this was how Qi Keng Wild Hot Spring 七坑野溪溫泉 looks like before the disaster.

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