Topeak Mini Morph Pump

If you are looking for a bike pump, look no further, here is one highly recommended  bike pump. The Topeak Mini Morph has been in the market for around 4years. Among all the hand held bike pumps, the Mini Morph is the easiest and uses less effort to pump a deflated tire. The design is a single stroke mini floor pump which means you can place the pump on the floor and pump with lesser effort.

It weighs around 170g, size 26 x 5 x 2.8cm and pumps till 160psi. The pump body is made of butted aluminium and the handle is plastic. 

There are 3 moving parts in the Mini Morph. A fold out foot pad, a flexible 360deg hose that can be extended another 20mm and a fold out pump handle. 

The bracket has two bolt holes to bolt down to your existing water cage holder. The pump is clip-on to the holder and Velcro down to prevent accidental loss. 

To use the Mini Morph place the nozzle to the tire tube valve and lock the upper lever, fold out the foot pad, pull out and extend the hose, lift up the folded handle and start pumping.

fold out foot pad

The fold out handle is design that you grip the handle in between your index and middle finger. Thus giving alot of leverage when pumping

The pump can be use on both Presta or Schrader valves just by switch the internal component