Topeak Alien DX Tools

The Topeak Alien DX multi tools has been in the market since 2007. It has 27 tools and comes with a nylon carrying case. The body is made of harden plastic and most of the tools are of harden steel or stainless steel.

The carrying case comes with a detachable clip. The clip is able to use with either Topeak's stem fixer or band clamp fixer which you need to purchase separately. 

The multi tool weighs 270g and comes in 2 pieces that are secure together with a clip

Allen Wrenches 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm
Torx Wrench T25
Box Wrenches 8/10mm (2 each)/ 9mm
Spoke Wrenches 15g/14g
Chain Tool Cast Cromoly Steel
Chain Hook Steel Wire
Tire Levers Two Integrated In Body
Screw Drivers Phillips and Flat Head
Knife Stainless Steel
Bottle Opener Stainless Steel
Pliers with Wire Cutter Stainless Steel
Pedal Wrench Mini (For Field Repairs)

One part of the multi tool containing the chain tool, bottle opener, knife etc have a locking mechanism. By pressing the locking mechanism will release the tool and store it back into place. 

chain hook is really useful when you need to reconnect the chain

chain tool 

If you plan to remove the pedal, the pedal wrench do not work very well  as the leverage is very short. In the end, I will need a hammer to do the job. However it is useful only when your pedal comes loose.

The tool comes with 15g and 14g spoke wrench. Ideal for a quick fix but definitely not for tuning the wheelset. 

Overall this is a Bike Survival Muti-Tool. If you already owned a multi-tool like Leatherman, I would suggest not to get the Topeak Alien DX. There are few cons I found out when using it, the integrated tire lever is not easy to use, the spoke wrench will damage the nipple if you are not careful, the pedal wrench is not ideal for removing pedal, the knife is too small, the pliers is too small to have a strong grip. A bottle opener on a bike tool??? I would rather be back using the Topeak Hexus and a Leatherman Juice XE6

Tips when buying a bike tool.
  1. Identified as many as possible the sizes of bolts and nuts on your bike
  2. Identified the tools you will need to repair the bike
  3. Chain tool is a must
  4. Tire-lever is a must but if already have an independent tool then forget it 
  5. After making the tool lists, shop for the ideal bike multi-tool against your list. In this manner you will end up buying the correct tool.

If you are planning for long distance tour camping, it would be better if you get independent tools. It will make your repairs much easier.