Soft Bike Carrier Bag

The soft bike carrier bag is the easiest way to transport your bike on buses, high speed rail or train. It should take around 10 to 15mins to dismantle a complete bike and store in the bike carrier. The soft bike carrier  bag  is light and do not take up much space when packed. I have friends who had use these bags to transport their bikes on airlines and surprisingly the bike was not damage in such transportation.

Weighing around 1500g, packed size 12" x 7" x 6" made of 600D Polyester material. The 26" soft bike carrier bag is made in Taiwan was bought from Giant Bike Shop. There are similar bike carrier bags from other makers and the price ranges from NT1600~NT1800. 

The bag consist
1 x main bike carrier bag
2 x Compression belt
1 x carrier sling
2 x fork guard
1 x small compression belt

The interior has 3 compartments. 1 small compartment, sufficient enough to store skewers, pedals and a few small tools. There are 2 wheel compartments which is able to fit the 26" wheel without deflating the 2.1" tires. As for 2.3" tires it will need to be deflated before it can be store inside. Inside the wheel compartment there are reinforced PVC pad to prevent the wheel from damaging the bag.

The fork sock is padded at the end and is able to slip onto the 32mm Fox Talas fork.

The bag is big enough to fit the Giant Trance X zero frame with Old Man Mountain bike rack. In order to have a proper fit, the handle bar will have to be removed from the stem. Both wheel are stored in the provided storage compartment on each side on the bag.

The overall size of the bag is around 45" long on the topside, 37" on the lower, height 33" and thickness 10.5". The nicer part of the bag is that there are compression straps on the outside to prevent the bike from rattling. 

The carrier sling is around 2 inch thick and can be adjusted to the desired length however when you carry the complete bag with bike in it, you will feel a slight discomfortable on your shoulder because of the complete weight of the bike but this can be over come by adding a shoulder strap pad. 

It would be better if the bag is a little lighter around 1kg and the packed size smaller but all this will compromise the durability of the bag.

Do note when transporting the bike in such bag, it is best that you remove the rear D together with the hanger, use cable ties to strap down all movable parts. Use bubble wrap of cloth to wrap around the cassette and other protruding ends to prevent any damages.