Extrawheel Trailer

This is a second generation Extrawheel trailer product, Voyager which is made and design in Poland. A single wheel trailer that you can swap with your front wheel if it is damage. You can have a choice of wheel sizes from 26" to 29". The Voyager is made with the parts provided by the following manufacturers:
Tyres - KENDA
Aluminium Hubs - Yoytech
Quick Release - EXTRAWHEEL
36 galvanised spokes - CN SPOKE
Aluminium conically-shaped rims - Strong Wheel
Inner tube with an AV Scharder valve – KENDA
Trailer Frame- Steel Extrawheel

Currently in Taiwan, the extrawheel sells without panniers for NT13000. It comes with a mudguard, trailer frame, wheel, fork and a custom Quick realise skewer. The complete trailer weighs around 2.15kg and carries a max load of 30 to 35kg. This trailer is ideal for both On-road and Off-road condition. For more information on the installation watch the video below.

Not necessary to purchase their pannier but you can use your current panniers on this trailer.

Trailer frame is of steel material as this will allow easy repair when touring in Third World countries. However you will need to take extra care as it will rust.

pivot point - trailer frame and fork

Here is a video on the installation of Extrawheel

Extrawheel in Action

Web Link - Taiwan
Web Link - International