Camp-Land 3 Stove

If you are into Butane Gas Stove, this is one stove worth considering. At first sight, it looks like Snow Peak Lite Max Stove comes with a piezo ignition but Snow Peak do not have such model. 

The Camp-Land 3 Stove is made of Stainless Steel and Copper. It weighs 95g compare to Snow Peak Lite Max 65g which is made of Titanium. It comes with a piezo ignition and there are 3 pot stands which can be extended if use with a bigger pot.  

The cost of Camp-Land 3 Stove is half the price of Snow Peak Lite Max and it is definitely a good bargain.

Push Button Piezo Ignition

The Lindal Screw connection is made of copper and comes a sealing ring.

the package comes with a case to protect the stove

Camp-Land offers option for base support with adaptor for use with Iwatani (cassette) gas cannister. (READ MORE) Cassette Gas Cannister is highly recommended for use in Taiwan and South East Asia. You can purchase these gas cannisters in most 7-11 store in Taiwan and they are far cheaper compare to Lindal Screw Gas Cannister. 

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