Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack w/disc Mounts

Weight: 620g
Size: 34.5 x 23.5 x 41cm
Material: Hallow Aluminium

This is a simple bike rack from Topeak. Ideal for around the city where you can attached Topeak MTX top bags that slide and clip locking system or attached side panniers.   

Before purchasing this rack, ensure that your bike must have the lower mounting holes for bike racks, otherwise this will not fit your bike. Also note they have a non-disc version bike rack.

The bike rack is secures with 4 bolts and 2 sliding bar so that you can fit on any hardtail bikes.

Most bikes have 2 upper mounting holes to secure the bike rack. If you do not have any, you can secure it on your seat clamp.

Lower end of the rack bolted to the bike mounting hole 

Most Topeak bike rack are designed to fit their bags with a slide and clip system. This is a unique system and it locks the top bags securely without using any tie-downs. 

The rear end of the rack has a mounting for tail light or reflectors

This is an interesting New add-on by Topeak. The TrolleyTote can be folded when not in used. When needed just open it up and slide onto the bike rack and it will lock in place. Extend the trolley handle and off you go to market.