Thermarest Trail Lite Mattress

Some of you are keen to know what happen to my last Thermarest Military FoamLite mattress. Well.... here it is! Taiwan's Thermarest dealer, Camperland have replaced an all new mattress, Trail Lite. It did take them awhile to get it done. After numerous phone calls and email it was replaced within 7days. So, there we have it, Thermarest full filled their warranty status  "Life Time Warranty".

Now do consider clearly which brand of self inflating mattress you wish to get. It might be expensive but when you need a replacement, you get it as promised.

First Impression

I did not like the color, lime no no, I preferred the Olive Drab on the Military FoamLite... Then again beggar can't be chooser. 

The Trail Lite is a self inflating mattress. It is designed for light weight, all rounder 4 season mattress. It is made of 150D polyester which suppose to have high durability.  There are 2 sizes of different length and weight, currently the Trail Lite is Regular size (51 x 183cm) which is sufficient for me. The thickness is 1.5" which is half and inch more compare to the Military FoamLite. Frankly I do not mind if it is 1" thick, it was comfortable for me but my partner prefers 1.5"

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size 51 x 183 cm, thickness 1.5", weight 910g 

The listed price for Taiwan market is NT2980. 

The material composition

ProLite and Trail Lite

According to the specification it suppose to weigh 910g, however on the scale it showed 890g. The weight difference between ProLite and Trail Lite is around 230g. 

All new Thermarest self inflate mattress will need time to set in. When first rolled out to self inflate, it will take time. Give a few blow to fully inflate the mattress and have it set for few days. This will help to inflate faster the next time you use it. 

Why Thermarest self inflatable mattress? It is because of the warranty and the ability to pack small. This will allow me to throw inside my backpack and not worrying it will get dirty or damage during hiking trips and it goes in well on my bike panniers too. All I need is just a snap-on  strap which you can get use your old bag's strap to make one.