Rhino Twin LED Headlamp

The product specifications
◆ Brand: Rhino
◆ Product Size: Diameter 31 x 40 x 61 mm
◆ Weight: about 53 grams with battery
◆ Colour: Black
◆ Battery Type: one 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (the product with battery)
◆ use of time:
0.5W Nichia white LED 6.5 hour (maximum output: 1.5 hours)
the red LED 18hrs
red flashing LED 36hrs

We happen to chance this headlamp in a camping store when I decided to purchase a headlamp for my partner. This headlamp is from Rhino, a Taiwanese outdoor store and we bought it because it was a price that we could not believe our eyes...NT200

First Impression
It came in a clear plastic packing. The headlamp construction is beautiful (black and grey) and the casing is comparable to Petzel Tikka XP Headlamp. It is small, light weight and it felt very comfortable on the head. It comes with 2 LED, white and red and a choice of 3 lighting selection. The white lamp has only one selection and it comes with spot beam. We liked the function of a red LED lamp and could use as a blinking distress lamp. The red LED is great to have around camp area as it preserve your night vision and it will not blind your partners in the campsite.

You only requires one 2A battery which provide a lighting up to 6.5 hour. I was blinded when the 0.5 watt LED Nichia technology lamp shone in my eyes. The head band is 20mm wide and there is a padded non slip material on the lamp housing and it felt comfortable on the head.

The battery compartment has an O-ring, not sure if this is rated IPX64 but the product is water repellent. 

Padded non-slip material 

Petzl Tikka XP  1watt on the left and Rhino Twin LED 0.5watt on the right
 The comparison of both headlamp in spot beam at 2 meters. The beam from Rhino is not gradual compare to Petzel but it does shine as bright for short distance. However the Petzl beam is concentrated in one area.

Total weight with battery 

If you are a budget person, this is a great headlamp to own. However if you plan for night hikes, it is possible but do not expect to light your path as it only provides 26 lumen. Using just a single 2A batt beats a headlamp of 3 x 3A because you only need a single battery. Overall for it's price, it is a great headlamp to use around campsite. We have check the internet price and the lowest was NT350 and I felt it is still a bargain. 

Overall construction of the headlamp is great, the only complain I have is the outer lens might get scratches if not properly stored. You will need a small storage bag for this headlamp. 

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