PureEasy Handheld Pocket Water Filter

Output: ~ 300ml per min
Capacity: 2000 Litres
Weight: ~ 88g
Size: 13.8 x 5.7 x 2.8cm
Material: ABS plastic
Filter material: Ceramic and NMC (Nano-metal clusters) 0.1 micron
Warranty: one year
Product has been tested by international labs.

Update 10/2012
Read Here for maintenance and upgrade

Package comes with Water Filter, inlet hose with floater and wire gauze filter, outlet hose, sand paper, o-ring lubricant, stuff bag and Instruction.

Compact Size

Service kit - Sand paper and lubricant

 3 main parts, the plunger, housing and filter. Very easy on maintenance 

Seal ring on the filter housing cap to prevent leaks

Plunger O-ring
This is the most important part of the pump. If the o-ring is either missing or deteriorated, your pump will not work. Keep this lubricated with the supplied lubricant. If the supplied lubricant is finished, suggest you use edible grease or oil.

In the housing, there are 2 ball valves to control the water flow. 

Suction hose comes with a floater and a steel wire gauze to prevent foreign objects from getting into the filter. 

The filter is made up of 2 membrane, the outer is ceramic and inner NMC (Nano-metal clusters) material which provides an excellent filtration of 0.1 micron. This is the best micro filtration in the market. The water filter was sent to TUV, a German lab based in Singapore for test. Copy of the report.

Product Trial Test (Indoor)

Using the filter is rather easy, the motion is just up and down. Unlike the MSR Waterworks which you need to hold the filter. The Soldier Water Filter you can place it on a flat surface and pump.

It took 1 minute to fill almost 400ml of water. Total strokes 80 was needed. You will feel a little resistance as you pump. You will notice tinny bubbles in the water, this is because of high pressure being force into the water as you pump. It will clear in a minute or two.

This test was done on clear water. It might varies depending on water condition but very satisfied with such a small water filter performance. Can't compare to my MSR water filter, it has a larger pump capacity. I used that only on family camping so this water filter is more ideal for solo or partner hiking.

Comparing weight difference between the MSR Waterworks and PureEasy Water Filter

size difference

Point of View
This is an excellent product for any hikers or outdoor action. It weighs nothing and small enough to throw in the pocket. Material construction is excellent on the filter side. 

For the price comparing to MSR and Katadyn it is definitely worth it. It has been tested in the international  lab to 99.99997% bacterial filtration.

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