Those days when we were young campers, before we can rig up the tent, the first thing that taught us was tying knots. Today's young campers, they do not know all these basic because camping equipment have improve and made life easier. I like to discuss this topic on Paracord and maybe you will learn a trick or two and pass it on to your children, something to learn and do during camping besides sitting and watching cartoons on the laptop. To go camping is learning to survive outdoor. To survive outdoor, you must know camp basic.

Paracord is the string of a parachute cord. Mostly made of nylon and yet it provides a breaking strength between 45kg to 340kg depending on types of Paracord. The most common or recommended is Paracord 550.  In the Paracord 550, it is made up of a other sheath and inner 7x2 ply yarn which gives the strength. Most commercial camping ropes do not have inner strands.  

Paracord is an essential items for every campers, to tie your tent or gears together and for survivalist is a must have item. Always bring extra rope for camping but how much do you bring? As many as possible but for us, another 10 to 15mtrs is sufficient.  

top: normal camping rope
bottom: Paracord 550
In Taiwan, you can get a 30mtrs length of Paracord 550 for NT380. It is far cheaper buying from any camping shops which sells tent ropes that do not provide other usefulness beside tying stuff up. So what can you do with a Paracord?

Things you can do with a Paracord

  • Tying Things Together
  • Making Knots
  • Clothes Line
  • Ridgelines (Tent and Tarps)
  • Hanging Stuff or Food from animals
  • Vehicle Tie Down
  • Repairing Equipment (eg zipper holder)
  • Tooth Floss
  • Anchor Line

Survival or emergency

  • Sewing (Inner strand use as thread)
  • Emergency Shoelace
  • Fishing Lines
  • Temporary Shelter
  • Ropes to restrain animals
  • Animal Snares
  • Bow String
  • Making a Net
  • Tourniquet (First Aid)
  • Splint (First Aid)

Art and Craft

Knife Handle Wrap


watch strap and bracelet


......and the list goes on, however I recommend these few blogs that you can view their work.

DIY Dog Collar

using Cobra stitch

finished product

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