Old Man Mountain Bike Rack

Front Cold Spring
This is one of the best bicycle rack we have owned. I ordered a set of unique custom hand made rack which is meant for MTB. They are fantastic rack and you can mount on almost any bike with disc or non-disc bikes.

Currently on the bike there are 2 different models of rack. The front rack is a Cold Spring and the rear is a Sherpa. According to OMM, Cold Spring can handle much heavier load and is built stronger. What I needed was a narrow rack for the rear and a wider front rack so I can place some gears and secure them properly.

Using OMM bike rack will require to use their custom made mountings. The mounting method is using rubber insulated clamps for the frame or mount on the brake mounting if any with a central locking using the supplied skewers on the wheels. Before purchasing these racks, OMM will ask the type of bike you owned and they will supply you with the appropriate fittngs.

Rear Sherpa
In 2009 Penghu round island camping ride, I decided to reconfigure the racks. On my partner's bike I switched the Cold Spring front rack to the rear and the Sherpa on the rear of my bike. As we packed light, we only needed a 2 pannier system for our bikes. Cycling light will make your travel more fun.    
OMM bike racks with Ortlieb Panniers

OMM Sherpa rack on Giant Trance

OMM Cold Spring Front rack used as Rear Rack

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  1. I have the same bike, NRS1. Really enjoyed your review. I was going to order the Topeak and thanks to you I won't waste my money. Thanks.

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