First Aid Kit

This is one kit many campers or outdoor hikers choose to ignore. Being a first aider trained by the Red Cross twice, I am not able to make this kit to my requirement. This is once kit I will not forget.... The First Aid Kit.
Do not just think the First Aid Kit is for outdoor use, it is good for around the house or for travelling.    

Before discussing about the First Aid kit, think about what can really happen during camping to yourself or your kids and people around you. I have summarized my own list of scenarios, see if  it fits your lists. Once you narrow your lists, you will be able to make your own First Aid Kit. Forget about buying pre-packed First Aid kit because you will never bother to read the content until the last hour.   

My Scenarios
1. Cuts - from knife, fall...
2. Burn - fire, scaling
3. Fever and Cold
4. Diarrhoea
5. Constipation
6. Broken bone
7. Giddy
8. Headache
9. Abdominal cramp
8. Muscular cramp
9. Insect sting
10. Food poisoning
11. Sore Throat 

Now that you have make your lists, it is time to address each problem.

1. Cuts
Depending on the injury, if you have a superficial cut, a normal band aid will do the job. But before doing that, clean it with alcohol then apply iodine. However if you have a deep cut, a plaster will not do the job. You need to bandage it.
  • adhesive band aid of various size
  • alcohol swap (antiseptic wipe)
  • sterile gauze of various size
  • cotton bud
  • adhesive tape
  • elastic bandage
  • triangle bandage
  • iodine

2. Burns
Burn injury is rather tricky. There are 3 types of burn but will cover only 1st degree and 2nd degree burns. If I do cover the 3rd degree burn, you better call for an ambulance because you are not train to handle it. Never never use cold water or ice for burns.

For 1st degree burnt you will only get redness on your skin, first thing you need to do is place the affected area under running water for at least 10 to 20 mins to cool down otherwise just wrap a wet towel and cool the pain. This will prevent inner tissue from swelling further.

If you have blister that is 2nd degree burn, do the same as 1st degree burn. If the blister is broken, apply antiseptic cream and cover the wound with wax gauze if possible. For small affected area you can handle it outdoor but still advisable to seek medical help. Anything more than 50mm burn area, you will need medical attention. 
  • Antiseptic Cream
  • Cool Water

3. Fever and Cold
Stay indoor, stay cool, drip yourself with a wet towel. Take prescribe pills, for me I use Panadol. If it persist, seek medical attention.
  • Thermometer
  • Fever medication (Aspirin)

4. Diarrhoea
That is the worst thing to happen during camping. Drink a lot of fluid and take charcoal pill.
  • Water
  • Charcoal Pill
  • Plenty of toilet paper

5. Constipation
It occurs only you realised you have not shit for 3 days. That is probably due to the heat and food intake. Discharging is a form of getting rid of toxins from your body and if you do not discharge after many days, there is a high chance you will be poisoned. You will need laxative pill to do the job but do use with care.
  • Laxative Pills

6. Broken bone
There are 2 type of injuries to this, compound (Open) and simple (Close) fracture. Both injuries address by basic dressing. The ideal is to immobilise the injure area. I myself experience a close fracture at my collar bone and I first aided myself using a Triangle bandage and taking pain killer pill. 
  • Triangle bandages
  • Pain Killer

7. Giddy (Nausea)
Rest under shade and put your legs high. There are medication for this problem but I do not use any except a small bottle of medicated oil. Another method I found effective is to take a deep breath, pinch your nose and blow it hard, slowly exhale the air from your lungs. Nausea is normally cause by in balance of the ear drums or light headed otherwise they are due to your own medical problems. 
  • Medicated Oil

8. Headache
A way to treat Headache is to take Panadol or Aspirin. Rest under shade and drink plenty of water. 
  • Panadol or Aspirin

9. Abdominal cramp
There are many cases to Abdominal cramp, normally I would take nothing but rest, if it persist I would either take a Aspirin or worst pain killer. 

8. Muscular cramp
This normally happens when you exert too much and too little warm up exercise or lack of salt. Rest under shade or take a muscular relieved pills

9. Insect sting
Other than mosquito sting, any other sting should seek medical attention. 
  • Insect Repellent
  • Calamine Lotion or Vinegar 
  • or your own pee

10. Food poisoning
Rest well and take plenty of water. If the problem persist, medical attention is needed. 

11. Sore Throat
Too much BBQ the night before? Lozenges is your answer.
  • Lozenges

This are basic guide for my lists, most medication I used have been prescribed by doctors before, I used the same medication because I know I will never go wrong. I would prepare a day or two medication. If the problem persist after that, I would seek medical attention. If you have any medical problems you should seek your doctor's advise before preparing such kit. The First Aid Kit is use as a front line assistance, if the problem is serious you must vacate and seek medical help. Below is my version of First Aid Kit. I have since made my FA Kit compact and light.

Medication in small ziploc bag and Triangle bandage

I made a list to keep track of the medication such as medicine names, expiry date and prescription guide.

Thermometer, cream, lid balm, medicated oil and field dressing. I used mini ziploc bags to prevent items from getting wet and also to organise the packing.

This ear bud iodine is really useful and handy. Just break the tip and the iodine will flow to the cotton bud. 

Swiss Card Tools. Pen knife, scissors, pen, needle, small tweezers, tooth pick, file and a fine needle. 

assortment of band aids and alcohol swab

I recommend to use OFF Insect repellent, they are much effective than any other brand. I transferred into a smaller bottle for easy packing. The spray bottle you can buy from Diaso for NT39

There are many ways to store a First Aid Kit, here I have a bigger First Aid bag which I no longer use  otherwise you can use a sandwich Ziploc bag as a FAK.

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