DIY Soda Can Wind Screen for Stove

Soda can wind screen is relatively easy to make. It takes less than 10mins to have one ready for use. Before we start, you need to measure the hight of the stove with the pot on. Don't have to measure all the way to the pot lid but just half way will do. There are various sizes of soda can available in the market from 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and so on. Choose the right soda can size after you measure the height of the stove with the pot.

Cut out the soda can according to the height you measured

To joint 2 pre-cut wind screen together, use a ruler to guide the fold, one wind screen folds inwards and the other wind screen fold outwards.

Next hook them together and make another one inward fold and follow by outward fold. Depending on you pot size you might need 3 soda can for this wind screen.

Once the wind screen are all joined together, next you need make the loose ends of the wind screen join together. We do not want to make a dead join but a join that we can open it up and roll the wind screen for packing. To do that, one end side of the wind screen, make a fold as shown in the picture. The other end will be folded the opposite direction.

To join the wind screen together, simply slide them from top to bottom. Both ends of the wind screen will be interlocked but not a permanent lock. For storage just slide the both ends out and you can roll the wind screen into a cylinder.

If your pot has a handle, fold the wind screen in half and cut out the slot with a scissor. If you wish to make ventilation for the stove, cut maybe 2nos of V-shape at the lower part of the wind screen. To finish it off, you might want to take a sand paper and sand off all the sharp edges. If you are a fashion geek, maybe you can spray some paint on the outside or even better, sand it off till you get the "Blink" just like the alcohol stove.

Here is the completed wind screen

For storage, slide out the 2 loose end of the wind screen as explain earlier and the wind screen will self roll into a cylinder. Just give few turns to make the cylinder smaller and round it off with a band. The weight of this wind screen is only 13g.

If you feels that this is hard to make or takes up to much space, check out the Aluminium Foil Wind Screen video below. The advantages of this soda can wind screen is it doesn't cost a cent and it is stronger than aluminium foil wind screen. Minibulldesign said his wind screen is cheap. Watch the video, try it out and see whose wind screen is cheaper. Have fun. Click here if you are interested in CiT Alcohol Stove.

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