Campers Corner Ultralight 600 Sleeping Bag

Size: 230 x 85 x 10 cm
Packed size: 14 x 23 cm
Weight: 895g
Material: Diamond Ripstop Nylon
Rating: +10 deg C +/-5 deg C

 This sleeping bag was designed by a friend who runs a camping shop in Singapore, Campers Corner. The design is almost similar to Atunas 600 Sleeping Bag  and the price is slightly cheaper. Comparing both sleeping bag, I would prefer the Campers Corner. Both material on the Campers Corner felt smoother on the skin and it does feet comfortable at 10 deg C.  

Packing the sleeping bag is much easier as it comes with a compression bag however we did notice the material is rather thin as there are sign over stretching on the seams. 

inner storage pockets

The shape is a semi-rectangular and there is a lot of room for the feet. The 2 way zipper does not go all the way down only 3/4. It comes with a rip cord hood. Apparently they have resigned the sleeping bag and it comes with left-right zipper so that you can join 2 sleeping bags as a couple bag. 

Atunas and Campers Corner compact and lightweight sleeping bags. Both using the Eulin Fiber Down-like insulation. 


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