Atunas 600 Sleeping Bag

Size: 215 x 75 x 50 cm
Packed size: 13 x26 cm
Weight: 770g
Material: Polyester
Rating: +10 deg C +/-5 deg C
Selling Price: NT1600

Many of us have little knowledge about sleeping bag, we just grab off the shelf and not knowing if the sleeping bag is ideal for the correct weather to use. Professional sleeping bags comes with rating and these rating varies from each manufacture. This rating is just a guide and there is no hard facts that the sleeping bag will keep you warm at the given rating. While camping, the Atunas sleeping bag was put to a test when the temperature dipped till 8 deg C.  

The Atunas 600 sleeping bag is filled with Down-like insulation. Down sleeping bags are filled with goose feather. They are the best sleeping bag but can't get wet. It will take a long time for it to dry and the sleeping bag is bigger in size which will take up a lot of space in a backpack. In order to keep the compact size and weight, Atunas uses a Down-like insulation.

 The weight of the sleeping back was suppose to be 770g but when we put on the scale, it is 836g.

The Atunas 600 Sleeping Bag comes in a semi-rectangular shape and a 2 way zipper that goes all the way to your feet. There is still room for your legs to move around

hood with rip cord

inner rip cord

inner pocket for storage

The Atunas 600 Sleeping Bag is a 3 season sleeping bag. At 8 deg C it was not able to keep warm unless you are fully clothed. However it was comfortable when the ambient temperature is around 15 deg C. 

We chose 10 deg C sleeping bags because of the compact size and most of our camping trips are at temperate climate which means it does not go below 5 deg C and it is comfortable to use during Summer. If the temperature does get colder, one trick we did was to add another layer of blanket in it. If you are a hiker, I would suggest you carry a survival blanket and use it as an additional layer. Survival blanket weighs to nothing and in time of emergency there are a lot of uses to it. Otherwise if you prefer more comfort, in the market there sleeping bag liners which will add another 10 deg C to your sleeping bag. 

What we like about the Atunas Sleeping Bag is the compact size. The sleeping bag comes with a compression bag which you can compress the bag to the smallest size. For packing, you do not have to roll up the sleeping bag but just stuff all in the compression bag and let the bag do the job. As for washing the sleeping bag, we just dumped into a washing machine and let it spin dry. Hang it up and it will fully dry by the next day.


  1. I love camping but what I don't particulary relish is the thought of cleaning my camping gear, especially my sleeping bag! I know, I could be lazy but in the end, I force myself to wash my tent, sleeping bags, even my backpack to maintain its form and quality. If you also feel this way, why not check out this site I found where instructions on how to wash down sleeping bags are detailed: