Titanium Pots - EPI Titan Cook Set

I was never a fan of Titanium pots but somehow today I landed one on my desk. I find that Titanium pots were too pricey and they only weigh slightly lesser compare to Aluminium pots. Today my intention of getting another set of pots because my current MSR Duralite have served its time after 12 years and it is not ideal for 2 men hiking usage 

Primus Litech Kettle
Last few days I have been contemplating between 2 cooking pot, Primus Litech Kettle and the Trangia Mini. I needed a pot with fry pan and it must be non stick. 

The Pimus set comes with a capacity of 900ml. It is made of hard anodize aliminium and weighs 225g, size 12.6x12.5cm. Selling at NT800, I must say the price is rather decent. 

Trangia Mini
Hm....The Trangia set. I used to own this set. This is a fantastic cooking set and I had use it to cook for 4 person. Actually I needed to cook twice. It come with a non-stick fry pan, a 0.8lts aluminium pot, pot lifter, pot stand cum wind shield and an alcohol stove. I love the alcohol stove, the best in the market. The possibility of storing unused alcohol is a plus point for this stove.  The whole set weights 352g considering you have the stove with it. Selling around US34

  • Nonstick Frypan/Lid: 2.60 oz (74 g)
  • 0.8L Cookpot: 3.30 oz (94 g)
  • Handle: 0.70 oz (20 g)
  • Windscreen/Pot Stand: 1.8 oz (51 g)
  • Alcohol Burner: 2.35 oz (67 g)
  • Burner Lid: 0.70 oz (20 g)
  • Flame Control (Simmer) Cap: 0.8 oz (23 g)

The shop that I went did not have the Trangia Mini but they do have the Primus Litech. After observing the Litech, I realised the fry pan was too small, maybe enough for an egg. Previously the Trangia, I could fry an egg with 1 slice of beacon. The Primus kettle was too deep and too high for storage. I need a pot that do not take up space and it should be able to use as a bowl. 

Further looking around the shop, I came across the Snow Peak, EPI and Montbell Titanium cook set. They all looked identical, it is like they have copied from each other but the prices was a huge difference.  

The Snow Peak was selling around NT2200. The Montbell was selling at NT1700 and the EPI was selling at NT1400. 

Snow Peak
After much consideration, I thought it was great to have an additional bowl for 2 men hike. If I have gotten either the Primus or Trangia, I would carry additional bowl. But the other thing I was concern because I had bad experience using non-stick fry pan. Then again I would not have to worry the surface of the pan being scratch. So naturally looking at this 3 pot set, I went for the cheaper set. Here is a review on the EPI cookset.

pot weight

pot weight with sack

handle are hot welded

the fry pan handle 

fully locks under the rim of the pan

cook set weight capacity 650ml

pan weight capacity 350ml

bowl weight capacity 500ml

my complete cookset, salt n pepper shaker, dry towel, titanium spork and sponge

fry egg on my DIY alcohol stove, there is still space for a beacon

boiling water
Overall I am pleased with the cook set after trying to fry an egg. With little oil, the egg did not stick to the pan but I did have burn marks inside the pan. Maybe it was due to the high flame from the alcohol stove that burnt the oil. During washing and removing the stain using a scotch pad, I notice one thing that always happen on aluminium pots, there will always be a black residue from rubbing the aluminium surface. However on the Titanium pan, that did not happen. That makes one plus point against untreated aluminium pots. 

The pot capacity is said to be 650ml however during boiling water I felt that 400ml was already sufficient, maybe 500ml but definitely anything above that will cause an over spill when the water boils.  

So is this cook set sufficient for 2 hikers? Well that depends how you use it. At least there is a pot and a bowl can be shared maybe you just need to cook Ramen twice. Even if you are alone hiker, a 3 piece cook set is still better than 2. Probably next week when the weather turns better I will take it to the mountains. 

PS Hm....maybe I should have got the Trangia Mini after all.