Platypus 2lts Bottle

The first Platypus bottle I owned was 10 years ago. I liked this bottle because of the light weight design and able to fold away to a compact size that does not take up space in your pack also it is far cheaper compare to Camelbak hydration system. Today I have added the bottle as one of my hydration system for biking and hiking.
A complete filled 2lts water bottle. It is able to stand up upright when the bottle is filled

4 year ago I saw this adaptor Online and made an order, I was able to fit my existing Camelbak drinking tube with this adaptor. Now you can't find this adaptor instead they sell the complete drinking tube. You notice I have a Ty cable on the tube and adaptor. This was because I had a bad experience with my Camelbak.

My complete 2lts hydration unit with hose insulation and dust cap for my bite valve. The bite valve cap was necessary because those day my MTB area were always filled with mud and the bite valve was always getting dirty.

fold away hydration unit

As you can see the huge weight differences. Alone the bottle just weighs 35g. The Camelbak hydration weighs 210g against the Platypus hydration system with insulation and Camelbak bite cover.

One sad thing about my 10 year old Platypus bottle, it started to peel on the outer layer. However it does not not affect the water storage, just the skin peeling off. Not sure if the new Platypus bottle is going to be the same. My old Platypus bottle will be added to my survival pack.

One trick of storing the bottle was to tied a band at the neck of the bottle. Today Platypus has come out with many other products such as wine preservation bottle and other bottles with certified BPA. Check out their website.

The only disadvatage of platypus bottle is that they do not have wide opening (mouth). Unlike Camelbak they have wide mouth so that you can throw in ice cube for hot summer or for easy filling. If you are not into that, Platypus offers you the light weigh hydration system. Drink or Die