Logos 史樂普高背兩段椅 Recliner Lounge Chair

Size: 81 x 61 x 96cm
Seat height: 42cm
Packed size: 14 x 92cm
Weight: 4kg
Material: polyester and steel
Price: Around NT1200

This is probably one of the most comfortable camping equipment in my list. After surveying local and oversea made lounge chairs, I decided to purchase the Logos from PC home Online shopping. Logos products are all from Japan and they do not come cheap, I was pretty surprise that it arrived the next morning. It came  in a carton box and there was a storage sack with it. After using on couple of camping trips we were pretty happy with the purchased. Unlike many camping chairs, the Logos chair is able to recline into a very comfortable position. Couple of times we actually fell asleep on it. 

incline position

recline position

2 nos. pivot to set the chair's position 

Like most camping lounge chair, there is a drink holder on the arm rest.

 The arm rest construction is nicely curved outwards thus giving you room to spread your wings.

The stress points on the chair were all double stitched to prevent wear and tear.

padded head rest
One of the beautiful part of the chair is the padded head rest. The head rest height was at the right height of my head when setting the chair in a recline position.

Overall resting on the chair is comfortable, it is not warm either on your butt or back. The polyester fabric is well constructed and the frame is strong, maybe that is the reason they use steel instead of aluminium. The only set back is the weight and it takes up storage space.  If you are planning to have a relaxing camping trip, being able to adjust the chair for different settings make a big difference. The 2010 Logos lounge chair comes with a back storage netting. So if you are planning to buy one, do look out the difference.


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