Alcohol Stove 酒精火炉


It has been years since I made an Alcohol Stove. Last month I promised a Shop Manger from a Mitsubishi workshop when he requested if I could make him one. He was interested in such stove because of light weight and fuel efficient. Base on my calculation, the estimated fuel cost to boil 500ml of water for 10 mins would cost NT3.  

Open Jet Alcohol Stove
This design of Alcohol Stove was one I started making many years ago. It is known as an Open Jet Alcohol Stove. There is alot of work involve and it took me an hour or so to complete. The hardest part of making this stove was removing the base of the can which is rather thick. When work was completed, I was rather pleased and the stove tested out well. After awhile I realised I needed to make a pot stand and felt it was too much work. I decided to reconstruct another design that do not require a pot stand.

cutting the base

Pressurized Jet Alcohol Stove
I decided to construct a Pressurized Jet Alcohol Stove. It was much easier to construct compare to the earlier model. However there are set backs in such stove. If it was not constructed or use properly there is a chance the stove might explode and you will need to prime before the stove will work. However the beauty of this stove is that you do not require a pot stand and the flame burns hotter.

If you prefer a polish stove. you can remove the paint with a sand paper like I did

to polish the surface, I used a 3M Microfine pad 

you will need a high temp gasket glue to apply the internal surface to prevent leaks

Here are some of my finished product. I use a safety pin for the side wall jet holes. The filling port, I used a nail to puncture a hole. Do note that the filling port hole cannot be too large. It might cause an explosion when use.

the first proto-type test

final product at test with primer plate

Alcohol is filled in the stove and some is left on the plate to heat up the stove

stove heating up

beautiful flame

Heineken pot with stove

You can purchase this Alcohol from any pharmacy store. It sell at NT50 for 500ml of 75% alcohol

To complete the stove you will need a bottle with markings. The reason is that you do not wish to over fill the stove. I have tested 30ml of alcohol and stove took around 10 plus minutes to be completely burn out. This will give you sufficient time to boil 500ml of water.

CiT have since made a new design Alcohol Stove base on Pressurize System. View here for more INFO 


  1. Hi

    Is the cooking pot shown in the 13th picture from the Sanyo Travel cooker.

    I have the Sanyo travel cooker & the cooking pot appeared to be very thin & delicate. I am surprised that the heat from the alcohol cooker did not damage the pot.

    T S Barman, India

    1. Yes, it is a Sanyo Travel Cooker Pot. The pot is thicker than the average outdoor camping cookset.