Go-Sport Camping Kitchen Rack

Open up: 111x63x80cm
Packed: 79x33x14
Weight: 6.36kg
Material: Aluminium / Stainless Steel

I never thought of having a camping kitchen rack for camping until there was a need to prepare meals for mass group of people. I needed a proper work bench for such task. I found this locally in Taiwan and selling below USD70, the price was a steal. Setting up was rather easy, it consist of 6 collapsible legs, 8 piece table top, a spice / utensil rack, stove support and a foldable storage shelf.

the 8 piece table top are secured with elastic cord

table top are secured with 4 nos clip on clamps to prevent any accidental movement

spice and utensil rack

foldable stainless steel shelf 

stove support with plastic clamps

For the price comparing to top brands like Snow Peak, Coleman or Captain Stag, this is a better grab. The whole kitchen unit is very stable when in use. Overall I am very satisfied with the construction. 

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