DIY Mobile Kitchen Chuck Box

We like to keep things simple and yet multi-functional. We needed a one system kitchen setup where we can use in our BOV or at the campsite. We needed everything to be at one place and not searching all over the place for one spoon. Everything in the kitchen box, pots, kettle, bowl, chopping board, knife, stove, spice rack etc must be in one location easy to access and work.

For us Kitchen is a work station, everything must be easily accessible. It must not have be too difficult setting it up for outdoor usage.

After much brainstorming, took a few measurements and we came out with a plan for a Mobile Kitchen Chuck Box.  Here are the details below.

The Chuck box idea started from the west by the Cowboys who regularly travelled in their wagons. 

The kitchen rack here is by Go-Sport and it fitted perfectly with the mobile kitchen chuck box. 
See here for Go-Sport kitchen rack review

The construction is rather simple but first you will need to draw out a plan. The current size around 60cm long. As for the material, I got a lighter but more expensive wood grade from B&Q. Over there they are able to cut all your materials too size. Do note they can only cut a minimum size of 30cm. After all that is done, I just have to take it home and nail them together follow by varnishing.

The lid of the kitchen box opens downward thus giving me an extra counter space for chopping board or placing other stuff. I made 2 slide out tray, one for placing the cooker and the other for my pots 

Full outdoor kitchen set up

Storing Mobile Kitchen Chuck Box and dry food bag 

Cooking at the rear of the vehicle

Outdoor setup

Cooking inside the vehicle

You too can make one for yourself even you are car camping. Since all your kitchen stuff is stored either in a bag or a box, why not make a Kitchen Box with trolley for easy transportation?!

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