Cobb Premier Grill

We had been using the Cobb Primer Grill for a while, twice at home and another was a BBQ picnic by the lake. When we received to Cobb Premier, our first impression was the set is huge. However after using it we found it was extremely useful. We could grill, roast, bake, smoke and now we found we could even boil water with it. Partner wanted a bigger oven so we can roast whole chicken, now I had convinced her we do not need one, the Cobb Premier Grill can do the job. 

在剛收到 Cobb Primer Grill 時覺得體積有點大,但在實際使用後覺得非常有用。我們已使用Cobb Primer Grill兩次了,一次在家中另一次帶著它和家人去湖邊烤肉。它可以烤、烘、燻,甚至煮開水。原先還想將家中的烤箱換個大一點可烤整隻雞的,有了Cobb就不需要了。

Overall construction was pretty good, most of the material built is Stainless Steel. We received a frying pan, roasting rack, grill grid which we used for BBQ, thermometer, lifting fork and a Cobb recipe book. It comes with it's own carrier bag and all the accessories can be packed with it.  


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  • Cycling BBQ Picnic 
  • Alcohol Stove Frying
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  • Final Thoughts

On our initial trial, immediately my partner loved it. Using the Cobb Premier Grill was rather easy, we have used compressed coconut briquettes, a single packet costing NT65 enough for 2 usage. We had planned to smoke some fishes before BBQ and at the same time we waited for the briquettes to heat up. We had used small wood as fire starter for the briquettes. Below the post you can read how it was done.

我們有時會在家中使用輕便瓦斯爐烤肉,但整間屋子都是油煙很難散出去。在初次使用Cobb時另一半馬上就喜歡上它了,因為完全沒油煙!Cobb Premier Grill使用很簡單,買了一包65元的椰子炭然後用一些小木屑當火種將炭燒熱。在等待煤炭熱度上升後可烤肉時將魚放在烤盤上將蓋子蓋上,等溫度夠要烤肉時我們已經有燻魚吃了。

We had a family cycling BBQ picnic by the lake, transporting the Cobb Premier Grill on a bicycle was not a problem, I even went off-road with it. My partner took the rest of the stuff. 

腳車後帶著Cobb Premier Grill 在周末時和家人來個湖邊野餐烤肉。

My method of smoking fishes is using an aluminium foil so that cleaning is much easier. Notice we did not cover the air intake holes. 


The smoke wood used was from a Pine Tree which we found by the river, it gave out fragrance smell. The wood was used both as fire starter for the briquettes and smoking. Smoking the fishes took about 15mins, at the same time we had used the Cobb Premier inner sleeve for baking. Once the Pine wood was burn off, it produced hardly any smoke while BBQ.  


 Cobb Thermometer

Using the Trangia Alcohol Stove with the Cobb Premier Grill was a cleaner option, all we have to wash was the frying pan which is none stick. It did take a while to fry as the frying pan is built very solid and thick.


Handling the Cobb Premier was very easy, using the lifting fork we could lift up the grill grid, frying pan and even the fire grid. One of the best thing about Cobb Premier Grill is that by holding the outer casing we can move it anywhere while it is still cooking.


Cleaning the Cobb was not too difficult, both the frying pan and grill grid can be easily wiped clean with a kitchen towel. Only the small grill holes needed some brush cleaning work. We had used steel cleaning pad for washing the Cobb Premier Grill, the only area we do not use is the Teflon Coated surfaces. As for the grill grid base, it blacken after usage, we do not bother scrubbing it clean because darker base absorb heat better. It took less than 10 minutes to wash, clean, dry and pack. 


On our first BBQ we noticed the oil that dripped into the inner sleeve had burnt and it required hard scrubbing. So the next BBQ we had used aluminium foil around the base, this allow cleaning much easier. Frankly we do not bother much about the inner sleeve condition.


By using the roasting rack as pot stand. 使用烘烤架當鍋架。

We like the Cobb Premier Grill as it is very versatile, we can bring it anywhere except hiking. There are many accessories to go with it, there is even a gas version. So now our Cobb Premier Grill can be used with charcoal, briquettes, wood, alcohol. 

除了登山不方便帶著Cobb Premier Grill外,任何地方都可以使用Cobb Premier Grill,可使用木炭、煤球、木材、酒精,所以我們很希歡它的多用途性。它還有使用瓦斯的喔。

When BBQ at home we noticed that it was almost smokeless, unlike the gas grill we had used it smoked the whole living room and the grill was harder to clean. Cobb Premier is indeed a much healthier way to BBQ, much easier to clean, uses less fuel and can cook up a gourmet, indeed it is a all in one kitchen. 


Cobb is from South Africa and it has been around the globe more than a decade. They had won numerous awards for their design. If you need one of this locally, you can find them on Cobb Taiwan Facebook.  

Cobb來自南非,此產品行銷世界數十年並贏得多項設計獎。若是您對此產品有興趣,想要了解更多,請到Cobb Taiwan Facebook.

Finally we like to thanks Cobb Taiwan for giving us this opportunity to do this review and the Cobb Premier Grill is a lovely gift. THANK YOU! 

感謝Cobb Taiwan讓我們認識到Cobb Premier Grill的好用,謝謝!