Beitou Hot Spring 北投溫泉

It took us awhile to locate this hot spring joint until we decided to ask one of the hotel staff for direction. The hotel staff did warn us about illegal parking around this area and the tow truck will show NO mercy if they find you have violated the traffic rules.

This is a public hot spring spa and it cost us NT40 each. In the area there are 4 pools, the one on the highest has the hottest spring water around 45 deg C and it cascades down to the lower 2 pools below.

It seems that in this joint there are few senior citizen who patronized this spa almost every day. They seems to know each other very well. However I did encounter very strict staff, they will not hesitate to tell you off if you are soaking from the waist down or you have a towel in the pool. So do watch out for these guard dogs

Do note the operating hour. We were there at 1230pm and had to wait for an hour before the next session starts.

Did I say it is a Public pool?

the river steaming with waste hot spring water from nearby hotels

Last Visited 21 Feb 2010

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