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Kaohsiung City
Last visited 22 Nov 2009
02-8178-3000 ex. 8107 & 8109

After posting a Youtube vid on the Recreational Vehicle for Hire. I had a chance to view the whole RV in person. Here is more up to date review.

Capacity: 2497cc
Lenght: 5270mm
Weight: 2000mm
Height: 2840mm
Front seat: 3 including driver
Sleeping capacity: 6
Fresh Water capacity: 70Lts
Waste Water capacity: 70Lts
2nd Backup Battery: 300amp
Petrol generator: option

Current Hiring Rate (They have since stop hiring)
1 day:   NT7650
4 days: NT7020
7 days: NT5400
I think it is selling for NT188 000

retractable awning

Driver seat

option of 110V electrical input

dinning area

pop up LCD 22" TV

option to plug into Laptop, DVD player etc

Air-con unit, microwave oven and coffee maker

sink and mini bar fridge that can make ice, the door has a secure lock so it doesn't open by itself

toilet with moveable seat and retractable sink

rear extended sleeping compartment

extended rear compartment

This is a nice piece of small RV camper van. Ideally it is better with 2 Adults and 2 Kids however it can accommodate 6 sleeping space. In my opinion 6 to travel on the road would be to cramp. Taiwan has a lot of camping spots and scenic viewing parking spaces, since the RV has option of battery, petrol generator and external power input this makes a great vehicle to tour around the island without worrying about lodging. The only disadvantage is that you can't bring too many baggages or bulk bags as the space is very limited. A 65lts backpack for each person would fit nicely. 

70lts of fresh water should be sufficient for few days trips, if you worry about running out of water, you can find some camping spots to fill it up. There are fixed drinking freshwater around Taiwan cities and you can top up from this places.

If you plan to hire these RV, I would suggest you asked a few question such as
Power source, battery location, power consumption etc
Water supply top up condition
Dumping of Waste  
How each item works
Insurance and break down services
Do and Don't

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  1. This is great! I was wondering, though, about the rate you posted, is that correct? for 7 days better rate than for 4?
    4 days: NT7020
    7 days: NT5400 ?