MSR Dromedary Bags

MSR Dromedary Bags are one of the toughest hydration bag in the market. However it is not the cheapest so every penny counts when comes to quality. The outer shell is made of 500 and 1000-denier Cordura material which is wear resist. The inner shell is coated with BPA-free, food-grade polyurethane which can hold boiling and freezing water. It comes with 4 different sizes 2Lts, 4Lts, 6Lts and 10Lts.

MSR Dromedary Bag 6Lts hanging on a bamboo pole for filling water cooking and drinking. It comes with a webbing that can be tied to your pack or use it as a carrier. By pulling the webbing fully, you can packed the bag for storage.

 Fully packed size 6 x 4 x 4 inches and weights 203gm

The original 3 in 1 cap on the right is good for drinking, pouring and filling. In my opinion this cap is more ideal for 2Lts  bag when comes to drinking straight out of the bag. Our 6Lts bag is used as a water storage bag so I have replaced a  MSR rotatable 360 degree  Spigot cap to get the water out for shower and kitchen. By the way, MSR do sell the shower kit.

closer look  - comes with a dust cap

MSR Mini Works Water Filter with Dromedary bag, just screw and pump

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