Instant Beef Stew Noodles

VeWong Beef Stew and Carrefour Noodles has been my favourite, easy to cook hiking camping meal and it can be ready in less than 5 mins. It is not the best tasting meal compare to outside restaurant but it does punch a decent taste and sufficient calories for me. Both these 2 food you can get it in Carrefour Taiwan. I got my over at Kaohsiung City.

Carrefour noodles packing come in 1800g.  Calories facts per 100g = 342.9Kcal

VeWong Beef Stew packages comes in 3 serving packs. Inside the packing, it comes with potatoes, carrots, some onion and beef . Calories fact per serving pack of 200g = 297Kcal.

Previously I had used spaghetti and beef stew combination. Spaghetti takes sometime to cook, since my friends had introduce me Taiwan noodles and it takes less than 5 mins to have the meal ready. The cooking is so simple. Water in pot, throw in noodles, pack of beef stew and boil for around 5mins till noodle soften.

Another arrangement I did was to weigh every 100g of noodle and bundle them up with an elastic band. The place the noodles in a container or Ziploc bags. By doing that I can be sure I always have the right amount of noodles for each meal. For me 100g of noodle is sufficient but for my partner 100g is too much. So the best way to know the right amount is to weigh it and cook for yourself. From there you can add or subtract the amount. I do not just do it for camping, it applies the same even cooking at home. This amount is not the same for all noodles, example I only need 50g for spaghetti for a meal.

The beef stew noodle meal weighs around 318g and provide me with a total calories of 639.9Kcal per meal. This is not the lightest backpacking meal but something you can consider to add to your outdoor meal list that you can find in Taiwan. Personally for active sport I would need around 300 to 350Kcal per hour, this meal does not provide me sufficient calories to burn for the next 4 to 5 hours such hiking or MTB.  I would need to top up my calories by snacking power food such as resins or peanuts. However if I am just bumming around the campsite, this meal would be enough for the next 4 hours.

Something to note about Calories and BMI (Body Mass Index)
On the internet you can find many calories calculator however these calculator are not true for Asian. Asian has a lower BMI and calories intake per day is different. In 2005, Singapore government has made adjustment to the local BMI, here is the article. So a Calories calculator that does not take BMI into consideration is giving you false answers. To know more about your Asian BMI. Click here
Hm... maybe I should write a post about this.

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