X-Mini II Speaker

If you want volume for your music and movies while travelling or on any camping trip, here is want speaker you can leave the mini Hi-Fi back home.  The X-Mini II speaker is small, light and compact. Initially when I saw this speaker, I thought it was just another crappy travel speaker until the sale person put on the volume and I walked back to the counter to examine more in details.

For a small speaker, it is capable of producing an astonishing volume, vibrant and dynamic sound. But do not expect a 5.1 sound system. It is so compact that you do not even realise that your are carrying it. This speaker is great when you are out with your friends or family. Just plug in the speakers and everyone could join in the ambient. You can use it with your iPhone, Handphone, iPod or laptop.

The package comes with a pouch, cable for charging with a 3.5mm jack and a X-Mini II speaker

This is how small you get from the speaker

simply twist and the speaker and it will pop up to expose to the Bass

you can inter-connect as many speakers as you want to give you maximum sound.

on-off switch, 3.5mm jack, mini-USB for charging and volume control

Indicator light for battery level. According to the maker, fully charge battery could last for 12hrs on continuous use

watching digital TV with X-Mini II

The X-Mini II speaker is the second generation speaker. The first generation speaker won the Red Dot Awards which was design in Singapore but made in China. Selling price was SGD49.90 per speaker

This is the latest X-Mini Happy Capsule Speaker Dacing. Sound better than the X-Mini II

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