Leatherman Juice Xe6

Another product from Leatherman that I owned.  The reason I got this tool was to lighten my load. I used to carry my Leatherman Wave and a Swiss Army knife when I am out travelling. The reason for carrying the Swiss Army knife was the cork screw tool. The Leatherman Juice full fills both my other tool functions but there are a few set back I like to share.

The Leatherman Juice Xe6 is finest of the Juice range consisting of 18 tools in one. It weighs 190g and 8.25cm long in close postion. It is a great tool to carry around outdoor or an as everyday tool.

The Awl is a tool for piercing holes through wood, leather or anything and by twisting it, you will make the hole larger. The problem with the awl was not sharp on the blade side. Comparing with my Swiss Army knife which was far more sharper and was able to do the job better. I will need to condition the awl to my standard.

Another problem I found when I tried to open a can with the can opener. I was struggling to get the can open until I took a closer look. I found the edge of the opener was not even sharpen. However the opener also double as a bottle cap opener and a cork screw assist for opening wine bottles.  I am not sure why Leatherman had done it this way but definately the can opener is a failure. I need the can opener more than the other 2 function so probaly I will have to sharpen it.

A cork screw, can/cap cork assist opener and 3 different flat head screw driver

Awl and a cross head screw driver

What I like about the tool here is the saw and sisscor. Both of them are sharp and funtion very well.

The cork scew was the reason why I bought this tool.

I damage the side on my first use when I tried to hammer tent pegs into the ground. Only then I realised the handle had a Aluminium Scales on it. I thought just like my Leatherman Wave, it is fully stainless steel.

Overall the Leatherman Juice Xe6 is a great tool. The long noose plier with wire stripper and wire cutter is as good as my Leatherman Wave. I had no problem using it on a 1mm steel wire. I would only use this tool for outdoor and as a EDC (everyday carry) tool. It is definately not suitable as a working tool. I would rather my Leatherman Wave for more professional jobs.