Heineken Wood Gasifier Stove (Downdraft) Construction

Here is another of my Survival Stove project. According to the sources, these kind of wood stoves will burn better and produce less smoke.

"The stove is based on the downdraft principle and typically built with nested cylinders also provides high efficiency. Combustion from the top creates a gasification zone with the gas escaping downwards through ports located at the base of the burner chamber. The gas mixes with additional incoming air to provide a secondary burn. Most of the CO produced by gasification is oxidized to CO2 in the secondary combustion cycle, therefore gasification stoves carry lower health risks then conventional cooking fires." quotes and graphic from wekipedia

The construction is rather simple, the only problem is that you need to find suitable can size. Here are my detailed constructions

Heineken Wood Gasifier Stove (Downdraft) Construction

you will need 2 empty cans, I chose a 710ml Heineken can and a Champignon Mushroom can or any can that the outer diameter is not bigger that the Heineken can.

On the smaller can, I marked out the grid and later used a nail and hammer to make sufficient holes at the bottom. These holes are meant for the fresh air intake

Bottom side I added 16 larger holes for the hot air to flow out into the chamber

On the top, I punctured another 16 small holes for secondary burning

completed inner can section

using a can opener, I removed the top rim of the Heineken can

Bottom of the Heineken can, I punctured another 16 holes with a nail. The holes need to be larger for better air intake so I use a screwdriver to enlarge the holes

both my cans mated nicely. If your is not, just trim the top rim of the Heineken can till it fits

A beautiful match

Pot Stand Construction

The materials you will need for the pot stand

measure 45mm across and 100mm in length and cut it to size, divide and mark out 20mm each and the remaining 5mm as shown

fold the divided 20mm and 5mm, use the maker pen to flatten the surface

you should have 2 pieces of the Aluminium plates

measure the mid section of the plate and cut the thickness of 1mm

mate the 2 plates together

to make the lower grooved of the pot stand, just place it over the can and marked it out.

Completed Heineken Downdraft Wood Gasifier Stove with Pot Stand

Alright I can't test the stove as the weather is really bad. Will post further updates later on.

Update Mar 2011
The pot stand construction did not work well, the material was deformed by the flame. Here is a vid on the stove in action with DIY kettle support.


  1. I'm hoping that this would require lots of prototyping -- like a 3-pack or a 6-pack! ;-)

  2. Cheers dude!! Summer is coming and beers will be flowing :)