Heineken Pot and Mug

Here is an idea, cheap and easy to construct Pot cum Mug. Because of the Heineken Can design and it capacity of 710ml makes it an ideal pot. The only problem was to design a handle to use with this can so after much brainstorming, I think this handle design is rather innovative.

These are the materials and tools you need, a clothe hanger, an empty 710ml Heineken Can and a Multi-tool

Remove the top lid of the Heineken can with a can opener

cut a length of the clothe hanger and bend around the shape of the can

use a part of the clothe hanger and make a small little hook to lock the handle in place
make sure the handle is long enough around 1cm clearance to the base of the can. This is to prevent the pot from accidentally topping over when you place on the table or ground

the plastic coating on the hanger can be easily removed by slicing the top layer and then just peel it off.
You notice I left the coating layer around the can, this is to provide a better gripping for the handle.

squeeze the handle together, make sure they are 25mm apart

using the hook, secure the handle in place

you can remove the handle and re-use it on another Heineken can if the current is damage or for storage purpose

if you wish to make a lid, find a food can that can fit the rim of the Heineken
remove the top and punch a hole in the middle so that you can make a soft handle for the lid

here's how it looks like

Finished product.....your Heineken Pot cum Mug

PS will post some pictures later on cooking with the Heineken Pot.

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