Cheap Urban Survival Pack

I have put together a cheap Urban Survival Pack aka BOB (Bug OUT BAG) as what the Survivalist calls it.
This BOB is good for only one person, if you do have a family with kids, it is better you have 2 packs ready and each pack supports 2 person. Since my kids have grown up, I will have them carry their own pack. If you read on carefully below, you will notice you will need to spend close to nothing to get this pack ready and all can be pack in a 25lts bag. Here is my "Cheapo" version.

Item Categorise in my BOB
1. Sleeping and Shelter
2. Hygiene
3. First Aid Kit
4. Food and Water
5. Admin Kit
6. Used clothing
7. Kitchen Kit

1. Sleeping and Shelter
It consists only a blanket and a rain cover. The blanket was taken off from a plane while on a trip to Europe. Asked the air stewardess and they are very willing to let you have it.  The rain cover was given by a street vendor which I can double as a crappy tent. Ideally if you can get a military rain cover (poncho) that would be better. Not only it protects you from the rain and cold it can doubles as a tent. If you have a family, I do advise to get a simple Tarp but you will still need to carry a rain cover....just in case.

2. Hygiene
This kit is so easy to setup. Most of the items here were taken from various lodging area. I picked up this items mostly for backup if my travel is extended.
Here are my list

  • disposable towel
  • toothbrush
  • tooth paste
  • shaver with shaving cream
  • cotton bud
  • soap and shampoo
  • wet towel
  • portion of toilet roll (most important)
3. First Aid Kit
This is one item you might have to spend money on it. If you do not have a First Aid Kit in the house, it is high time you prepare one for your family or yourself. My First Aid Kit is not the most comprehensive but this is what I needed for my family and myself when travelling.

  • triangle bandage 
  • alcohol swab
  • cotton and cotton bud
  • some small cotton gauze, elastic bandage and tape
  • various sizes of bandages
  • Insect repellent
  • medicated oil
  • iodine cotton bud
  • lip balm
  • medicated cream
  • thermometer 
  • various medication for diarrhoea, headache, gastric wind, muscle relaxant, pain, fever and soar throat (Do have a small listing of the medication usage and expiry date)
  • spare contact lens
  • Credit Card Kit (pretty useful items such as tweezers, small pin etc)

4. Food and Water
I have a 1 litre water bottle from a soda bottle, the food are taken from the kitchen excess such as Spaghetti, pack beef stew, instant soup, packs of instant Milo and coffee. The others such as sugar, pepper and cream were left over from fast food restaurant. I have added additional Tom Yam and Chicken Cube for instant flavouring when I can get my hands on fresh food.
Note: Write down the expiry dates on the food packing. Change the water every 3 months

5. Admin Kit

Cheap LED torchlight got it from a gift, I removed the battery for protection. Swiss Army knife was given by a Swiss friend 15 years ago. Pencil from Howard Hotel in Taichung. Small notebook from the office and a USB with all copies of my documents and passport photos. Other things you can add are some spare dollars, a 2.5' hard disk with all the information, photo albums, email contacts etc and probably a matchbox with a few tea candle. A length of rope will be nice add too.

DO NOT FORGET A CAN OPENER. You do wish to end up like caveman when you received charitable can food.

6. Used Clothes
Not shown here, just gather a few pieces of used clothes and dump in a waterproof bag. Do include a sweater or jacket.

7. Kitchen Kit
If you can't afford to buy a mess tin, maybe you can construct one just like I did. I used a 710ml Heineken can as a pot and mug, a disposable chopstick or if your prefer fork and spoon you can pick up one set if you happen to fly China Airlines. They do have very good plastic culinary set. As for the stove, I plan to use a soda can which I have posted earlier.

You notice most of the items are packed in a Ziploc sandwich bag. You do not have to buy any fancy pack to organise the items. The Ziploc bags are good enough and they provide waterproofing for your items.

So there you have it, a very simple, cost effective and ready to use recycle items for your "BOB". This are just my own guide lines and it due time, it will still be upgraded. Next time do look around before you dispose anything off. One day it might save your life.

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