Camping Food

Someone was asking me, "What kind of food do I bring for camping trips?" Basically you can bring any kind of food for camping but that is all depending on type of camping.  If you are car camping, it will be easier to bring the food that you like to have. However I want to provide some tips on how you can bring both perishable food and non-perishable food.

Non-perishable food are canned food, dry  or dehydrated food. They can last for months and even years, they are also light to carry around. These are the types of food I will bring on hiking trips. If it is canned, I will transfer them to zip-loc bags to lighten my load and at the same time keep the trail clean.  Such as instant noodles, spaghetti, pack of beef stew or freeze dried powder soup etc. In Taiwan you will have no problem finding such food as the pictures show below.

pink salmon, mackerel in red curry sauce, hot spicy pork paste, roasted eel, beef stew, Thai Tom-yam prawn noodles, squid, Indonesian instant noodle and powdered soup

Perishable food are fresh food such as meat, vegetables or fruits. They are heavier and need to be consumed within the days. Normally I prepare these food before camping. It makes life much easier and you can have your meal wiped up really fast.  Example of the picture below, I cooked this curry chicken the night before camping and place it in the refrigerator. Next day I cooked enough rice before the trip and just heat up the curry at the campsite. But for vegetables, I rather cooked it on site. I would try to choose vegetable that are less leaf such as cabbage, french beans, ladies finger etc. They do not rot so fast and can last atleast 2 days without refrigerator.

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  1. It looks like you and your family had an amazing time enjoying there. Camping is one of our favorite family activities .