Taiwan Beer Wood Gas Stove

After viewing some article on an inexpensive and rather easy to make stove. I decided to give it a try while camping in Kenting.

This stove will come in handy during survival situation only if you can get yourself an empty beer or soda can.

What so special about this stove is that it burns completely and leaves only white ashes. In technical terms we called it "complete combustion" thus making this a very efficient stove. Here are the simple steps to follow.

first find an empty can, well that was what I had most during camping..hehe

remove the top with a knife

here is how it should look like

using the same knife, make 8 holes on the top and bottom. Try to make the holes in the bottom bigger.

gather some twigs of different sizes and break them into smaller pieces.
You will be surprised how long these twigs will burn.

place the bigger twigs at the bottom and fill up the can to the rim. Try to compact them closely

I used my tent pegs as a support for my kettle

using a fire starter I place it on top of the twigs and light it up

next I added more twigs to let it burn

it seems like the fire is out but in actual fact the superheated air is slowing burning the wood below

After 8mins, I then place my kettle and let it boil with 400ml of water

not sure if you can see this clearly but from the vent hole, the wood is burning at the top and bottom simultaneously

after 16mins the water started to boil

after 30mins, all is left are just white ashes. All the twigs have been completely burnt

There are few version of wood gas stoves, some use a PC fan to create a downdraft action while others uses 2 can to create a super heated air chamber. Goggle it and you find all these information on the internet. Among all, I felt this is the easiest to make and it perfrom pretty well.


  1. seriously i like your idea.
    next time i must bring can drink at least one for this situation

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