Shemagh also known as Keffiyeh is a head gear originated from Middle East. It is a piece of cloth usually made of cotton that is large enough to wrap around your head to protect you from the Sun, Sand, Dust and Cold. It works far better than any neck warmer and can be used in many configuration.
Besides protecting you from the elements, you can double it as a bath towel or a triangle bandage for First Aid usage, thus making this a great outdoor gear to have in your kit.

Shemegh has made its way to the West and is a popular trend in fashion. They come in many different colors and designs.

I got my Shemagh for US1 while touring in India!! India was really nice but hot, dusty and smelly

storming 100km of desert road

decided to go for a slower pace

one of the example to use a's more

Shemagh At War
Shemagh are both popular with terrorists and Military forces. Currently most American forces in Middle East owns one of these. They are not standard gear from the military so they ended up buying one for themselves. However in some countries, they have these as part of their military uniform. Best known during WWII when the SAS had this as their standerd gear in the African Campagin.


  1. I wore my first shemagh in Dubai. One thing that I realized about this unique piece of cloth is that it offers the best protection from sand, dust and wind. I have several for winter hiking. See more on shemagh here: