Sanyo Travel Cooker RN-38NF

I got this Sanyo travel cooker when I was constantly outstation. At times I would be out in no man's land for weeks and I was sick and tired of their local diet which is either bread or fries. Constantly eating out was also eating into my budget.

The great thing about having this cooker when traveling, if you are hungry in the night, you can whip out an instant noodle easily or make yourself a hot drink. When we were in India and ran out of drinking water, I use this cooker to boil water from the tap just to be on the safe side. The cooker comes with multiply voltage selector so that you are able to use in most countries and in also include a build in safety protection.

Now in Taiwan and since most of the campsites has an electrical outlet, I decided to make this little cooker part of my camping gears. It is very ideal for boiling water or cooking rice and you don't have to waste a drop of your liquefied butane fuel.

Size: 77 x 155 x 155 mm
Weight: 977 grams
Capacity: 1.3 Litres
Power Consumption: 120/ 240 V : 360 Watts, 200/ 240 V : 250 Watts
Power Source: 110-120 volts, 220-240 volts
Safety Features: 
Overheat prevention device
Circuit Breaker
Voltage selector
Voltage reset buttons

The Sanyo Travel Cooker comes with an aluminium non-stick pot, lid, plastic bowl and a choose different dual voltage heating element.

The aluminium pot has a fordable handle so that it does not take up packing space

the interior of the pot has a non-stick coating similar to electric rice cooker

the sprout at one corner which is convenient for right handed person 

bottom of the pot is grooved in so that it sit on the heating element to prevent the pot from topping over
(the burnt stain on the pot was not from the heating element, I have used a solid fuel with the pot and it stained the pot)

the heating element comes with 130 cm wire and multi connection plug adapter

the base of the heating element has a dual voltage selector switch and a circuit breaker 

the wire is coiled around the base of the heating element and it comes with a plug holder

the pot, bowl and heating element all nested nicely for packing

total weight of the travel cooker

weight of the heating element

The Sanyo Travel Cooker is one of the most compact travel cooker set around. It is very ideal for people who are frequently travelling to cities. With the internal safety protection, it is safe to use in any hotel room and you are not at the mercy of the hotel late night supper. My cooker set has seen action in Australia, Vietnam and India. Never did it once failed me. The only setback I find is the weight of the heating element but with the convince of cooking at any time, what more can I ask for. 

Update Mar 2011
I received few queries on how to cook rice with this cooker. Here's how I did it.
  • 1 cup of rice - sufficient for 2 people (our volume)
  • fill water to the L marking.
  • place pot on heating element and let it boil for 15mins (timing is important)
  • off the heating element and allow rice to self cook for another half hour
Another question was where did I bought it. I got it from Singapore and at that time it cost around SGD130.00. 

UPDATE Feb 2018
Currently it is very difficult to find this Sanyo Travel Cooker, they do not make this product anymore however there is a almost similar cooker selling for USD75.00. It comes with an Aluminium alloy non-stick pot, fork and spoon, pot lid, bowl and a heating element. If you are interested, you can find the product from Formosa Trading Post 


  1. Hi,

    I just purchased this Sanyo Travel Cooker RN-38NF cooker secondhand. It did not come with a manual or instructions. Was wondering if you happen to know where I could download the manual or get a copy of it?

    My email is

    Thank you

  2. The instruction I had was in Japanese. Anyway there is nothing much you really need to know except the voltage regulation. Just be sure you remember to select the correct voltage. Next to check your cooker heating element is on, there is a orange lamp by the side. It should be lighted when it is on.

    As for the pot try not to use hard scrub as this will damage the surface. Next there are marking in the pot. Do not fill over those marking as this will cause over spill when boiling.

  3. Hi, I plan to buy this product, and I want to know wheter it can be use as rice cooker also ? thanks.

  4. The only thing you need to watch out is the timing for cooking rice because it does not have a timer like rice cooker. Few practise and the next time you will know how much rice and water to add.

  5. Where can i buy this online and how much does it cost?

  6. Easily available on ebay, bought one recently and it has paid for itsdelf during our 3 week trip to Australia. Motel charged $17 for breakfast - we made our porridge for $2 so over $300 saved.
    Thanks for the info - we recently bought a couple of cheap ones in Vietnam and almost blew ourselves and hotel tv out of the room!!!

  7. Did you also cook the crabs and prawns shown in the picture. If so could you elaborate.

    I bought one recently from ebay. It cost 79.9 USD and was shipped from Hongkong.

  8. Hi, just boil crabs and prawns in the pot, have to do it twice as the pot can't fill them all. The left over water was then use to cook the noodle

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  10. Hi, I am trying to find this but I can't find it:(
    Where can I get this?

  11. I bought a similar totomi travel pot and it is good. They do not ship overseas so i asked my brother there to get it for me.

  12. This looks exactly like the toyomi one I bought. ':-] Are they all made in China, just stamped with a brand?