Leatherman Wave

I am very happy with Leatherman services both locally in Taiwan and USA. Currently the distributor for Leatherman in Taiwan is by 業成有限公司. I had send them an email about my first edition Wave defective condition that I bought many years back and they had gladly asked me to return the defective Wave for a replacement. For this matter I give them a Thumbs up!!

Here are the details of my new replacement Wave:

Package comes with instructions, nylon pouch and 17 built in tools
just like my previous Wave, all the other tools have locking device
the 3" knife is sharp and it is slightly broader compare to the older Wave
files on both sides, Diamond-coated and wood/metal file
this is something new, all the internal tools comes with locking device
same as the older model, needlenose plier, wire cutter
can / bottle opener and a carbon steel cross / flat head driver bit.
carbon steel is better so the tip doesn't blunt easily
flat head driver, scissor and a small carbon steel flat/cross head bit which is great for spectacles and other small screws
the lanyard ring can be retracted if not needed but you will need a tool to dig it out
carbon steel bit drivers
double end carbon bit drivers
measurement on the handles with both Imperial and Metrics which is great, fully extended, it is 8" long
Imperial measurement
Metrics measurement
in order to make the measurement markings more visible, use an alcohol marker and paint over the marking.
afterwhich use a nail polisher or alcohol based solution lightly wipe over with a soft cloth until markings are visible
I prefer the nylon tool pouch, my last leather pouch started to crack after awhile
you can keep your tool in both opened and closed postion

there are 3 internal compartment, either you can store a mini Maglite or tools bits and extender from Leatherman or I have here a knife sharpening stone, magnesium fire starting kit and a whistle

you can vertical loop the pouch over your belt

or horizontally
weight of the New Wave
Leatherman Wave and Juice XE6 comparision

Overall I must say that Leatherman did a very good upgrade from the pouch to the tools. Comparing to its predecessor, the additional of the internal tool locking device, unit measurements, carbon steel tool bits, new designed tool pouch and the possibility to use different tool bits is very genius idea and thus makes this Leatherman Wave a very powerful and handy tool to work on.

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  1. Nice tip about using the marker and nail polish remover, etc. to make the ruler markings more visible. I've got a Leatherman PST and a Victorinox SwissTool that both have rulers and I never thought to try and make the markings stand out more. Excellent idea.