Custom Made Gear Pouches

During MTB or hiking, you see a beautiful animal or bird and you are trying to get your camera out of the pouch but "Damn!!" the zipper of the pouch is stuck. by the time you took out your camera...."Crap!"...the animal got away. Do you have such problem?? Well I do!! Most camera pouch are too troublesome to get the camera out or strap it anywhere. Either the zipper is in a way or you have a belt that is too big for the belt loop. So I decided to have my pouches custom-made to my specification.

My specifications are rather simple, the cover must not be zip type, should be velcro and the belt loop should be velcro too so that I can strap to my pack hardness or belt of any size, basically anywhere.

I got my pouches made in Beach Road Army Surplus Store in Singapore. I am not sure where I can find one here in Taiwan but I will keep a look out.

top flap velcro so I can remove the camera with one hand while riding

the back is sewn with velcro minimum of 3" in length so that you can use it on thicker belts

inside view of the camera pouch

to secure the pouch, simply loop inside the webbing 
you will be surprise how strong it held up

my camera pouch secure to the shoulder harness of my backpack

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