Butane or Multi Fuel Stove

One thing that we will always do in camping is cooking. We can cook a simple meal by boiling water and pour into freezed dry meal pack or we can cook a luxury meal just like in a resturant. Here is one example from a fellow camp blogger with 5 star treatment.

So what kind of stoves one should get. There are many kind of stoves from homemade alcohol stoves, butane stoves etc. To give you a clearer picture, visit this website and they will explain type of stoves.
Before you buy a stove, you need to know your usage such as hiking / mountaineering or RV camping as weight will be a factor. Next you need to know where to find fuel source.

Butane Stoves
Currently now popular in Taiwan are Butane stoves, brands like Snow Peak, Primus, Brunton etc. We used to owned such stoves before, they are lightweight and uses a disposable gas cannister. The setback about these stoves is that you can't always find a replacement cannister easily and most branded stoves can't fit another brand gas cannister so you probally end up using the same brand gas cannister. That was one my reason to ditch such stoves and the other is  that I can't bring on a flight. So what the heck I pay so much for such stove and I faced so many problems. 
Last 2 years I found this stove in Taiwan and is not really expensive. The Iwantani foldable stove weighs around 300g. The beauty about this stove is that you can find replacement gas cannister almost anywhere including 7-11 stores. The Iwantani replacement gas cannister are very popular in Aisa and is far more cheaper compare to those branded butane  gas cannister. We only use this stoves when we decided to have a steamboat or we needed another extra outdoor stove for cooking. I am no longer a big fan of butane fuel stoves as most of them uses a disposable gas cannisters that are not enviromentally friendly.

Multi Fuel Stoves
My primary stove is a MSR Dragonfly multi fuel stove. This is my second stove from MSR, my first was MSR WhisperLite Internationale which I had used for 8years. Both stoves are great stoves, the reason I sold away MSR WhisperLite because I needed a stove that can adjust the flame for simmering like cooking rice for example. However I later came to understand the newer model you are able do that. 
Multi fuel stoves are definitely heavier and take up more space compare to butane gas stove. The beauty of it is that you have less worries of finding fuel source. My current stove is able to use diesel, kerosene, white gas and auto gas. So looking for such fuel source even in a Third world country is not a problem, there is always a petrol station somewhere. Another beauty is that you can self field service the stoves, so far in the last 10 years, both stoves I only had self serviced 4 times. Never did one time it failed me.
There are many brands that make multi fuel stove such as Brunton, Coleman etc. My preference is still MSR, they design and make stoves for the US army so their reliability is pretty good and their after sales services are great. 
There is another stove that is able to use both butane and multi fuel and is by Primus. I had it for 2 weeks and I decided to sell it off. I was looking for simmering purpose but the MSR Dragonfly did a better job.

To summarise both type of stoves
                                             Butane Gas Stove                        Multi Fuel Stove  
weight                                          lighter                                          heavier  
cost                                              lesser                                             more
Packing size                                  smaller                                         bigger
replacement fuel                     harder to find                              there's car, there's fuel
serviceable                                   not really                                       yes
enviromentally friendly     no, proper disposal of cannister          yes, nothing to dispose
Flight friendly                 yes but without gas cannister            yes but need to empty bottle
Burn rate                         avg 100g fuel 35mins                            avg 100g fuel 30mins

Now you decide which kind of stoves you want to own.


  1. Where in Taiwan can one buy the MSR Dragonfly?


    1. Where in Taiwan can I buy butane gas that will fit a jetboil?

  2. you can try 100mountain.com, otherwise I get it from my friend in Singapore for around NT6000.

  3. Excellent suggestion of stoves for travel. Nowadays, people prefer to buy multi fuel and multi purpose stoves, they can easily cook their food as well as heat up their home. But for travel, above kind of stoves are excellent to cook a delicious food.

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  7. I just bought a soto stormbreaker.

    Mostly because it burns 91 octane automotive petrol,which is the cheapest camping fuel in New Zealand.

    Stove cant really simmer but does everything else well
    and does not need priming