Survival Tips

Taiwan is a beautiful island with hundreds of mountains atleast 2000m high but it is also a land to mother nature's fury from earthquakes to typhoons and landslides.

Looking at last disaster from Typhoon Marakot left behind in Taiwan and those survival stranded in the mountains. Most of them were not able to help themselves. They were either out of water or food for days and most of them would complaint about the incompetency of the government unable to help them sooner. I would only blame the stranded for not able to help themselves because they never gave a thought on how to deal with such criss. It is true many of us are still so ignorant in regards to surviaval especially those living in a cities.

So what is survival? Survival is the means on how you can prolong your life until help arrives. Even if help doesn't arrive, you still need to know some basic skill to live like caveman. Since we are in a modern world, there are alot of tools and options that can helps us along.

If you do not understand what I mean. Here is some ideas you can start on.

These is the handbook I have bought it 20 years ago. It is worth having one as it teaches you how handle yourself in the wild from hunting, making shelter, gathering water, map reading, understand plants etc in all kinds of terrian such as snow, desert, jungle, sea. Besides that it too covers on natural disaster and accident such as nuclear fallout, earthquakes or even car ended up in river.
I had learn a great deal from this handbook and I am glad I have owned it. Currentlty is selling for USD104!!! when I had only paid USD20 but there are people selling cheaper used edition. Besides getting this handbook, you can find information on the internet such as Discovery Channel for a start, otherwise you can view the website by the New Zealand Government on disaster planning

During desperate situation, one must always keeps these in mind and have it prepared in advance
  • Fire - to keep you warm and light up the dark. You can cook if you find food.
  • Shelter - to keep you warm from the cold or rain and a sense of security.
  • Water - this is a source to your life without it you will die.  
  • Food - energy to keep you going

How do I prepare myself?
  • you need to read up about survival tips either from the handbook I recommended or do your homework on the internet. 
  • prepare an emergency Survival Pack in advance. ( I will discuss this matter on the next post)

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