Dehydrated Food

After the recent Typhoon disaster in Taiwan and when I was there helping the locals, something struck me about sending supplies to them. Most of the supplies to the victim were mostly dried food such as rice or instant noodles but there were no wet food, like vegetables or meat. Well I do understand that the wet food will not last long as they will be spoilt by the time it reaches the victim.

Couple of years ago, I came across dehydrated food and I never really thought it was necessary until now. I asked myself in time of disaster, wouldn't it will be easier to transport dehydrated food as it is light and the food can last for months. I decided to purchase a Dehydrator to try it out.

Dehydrated food is basically food that had been remove from their moisture. The intention is to preserved them longer so they can be used the next time by soaking them in hot water. Backpackers prefer to use dehydrated food because it is light, small in volume and the food can last for days or even weeks.

Below are some the vegetables that I have prepared 

2 bananas
ladies finger and french beans

top: spaghetti sauce, 1 potatoe, 5 french beans stalks
bottom: 1 carrot, 12 shrimp, half onion, 5 ladies fingers

current dehydrated state
took about 10 to 15 min to boil them back into hydrated state
rehydrated condition
the ladies finger retains it original texture
I will not explain on how the preparation is done but here are some ideas and tips you can view from youtube on how the food is being prepared. It will clearly explain everything you need to know about dehydrated food.

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  1. i have the same food dehydrator that you do. that machine rocks! you can do a really great whiskey flavored beef jerky. you should try that sometime!