Biking Around Jiamu Village

Pingtung County
15 Feb 2009

If I counted correctly, 17 Serowan Bikers got together today for a little adventure on the wild side. The idea.... head to Wutai Township to visit an isolate waterfall and ride up the "sky city". I decided the skip the later and get back for some beer.

While drinking beer and chatting with the local aboriginal they offer me and Ah Keong another fellow rider, an aboriginal "wild boar dish". The wild boar meat was wrapped in some kind of vegetable and Geez this was great stuff.... why I dun find them in the street in Kaohsiung??!! I need to find out more of these exotic food here.

I am not sure the ride up to "Sky City", which mean a village located right on top of the mountain was great but the waterfall visit was amazing. It was like walking into "Paradise". Clear blue water, sound of a frog that calls out like a bird, fresh water, not sure it was edible and small sliver mountain fishes which they said it tasted good when you deep fried them.

To add a 9km rocky downhill road was "wild". I decided to add a more speed this time and see if my bike was going to trance me over. At some point it did coz the Fox Talas was rebounding to fast. I was glad the WTB took out most of the traction when the fork was banging too hard.

The terrain over in Taiwan can be devastating if you are not careful. The rock or mostly slates will cut you like a knife. I heard from the riders that there were few casualty. In-experience rider who think the are going for a roller coaster ride had their face cut up and some even ended up in coma for few days.

Am I exhausted?? Yes!! With sleepless night and knee breaking climb, overall was a great adventure and a god damn good trip. I like to thanks the guys for waiting up on me during the climb... I know I took too long, give me a break, back home I dun have these mountains in my play ground. Also the FSB leadman "ak" and Lance Armstrong "Ginson" for showing the path. Well done guys.

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