Wuling Farm Campsite

3-1 WuLing Road, PingDeng Village, GePing Township, Taichung County

Tel: 04-25901259
Fee: click here
Last Visited Mar 2007
Features: Fruit farm, nearby trail and trail to Snow Mountain
If you are attempting Snow Mountain, click HERE for more info

We were up in this area back in Mar 2007, we did not camp there due to our late evening arrival and bad weather. Instead we booked a room at their guest hotel. Here are their current rates. The next morning we visited the campsite. I was surprised they had so many tents available, all you need to bring is a sleeping bag and mattress. Do note that it can get very cold at night. This camping area is really huge, click here for more information.

All around Wuling Farm are fruits and flowers plantation. It will be very beautiful if you come on the right season.

A note of advise, do check out the location of the toilet around your camping ground.

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