Petzl Tikka XP Headlamp

I have gave up all my hand lamps and used head lamp instead This is my all time favourite headlamp. I have sold my Petzl MYO XP for it. Not to say the MYO XP is not good but I felt it did not really suit my usage. It is definitely brighter compare to Tikka XP and uses 3 x AA batteries but heavier and bulkier.

I needed a lighter headlamp for my traveling needs. Not until a year after the release of MYO XP I think, Petzl introduced the Tikka XP. Immediately I visited the local agent and tried the headlamp and was very pleased. The Tikka XP LED headlamp uses 3 x AAA batteries but I used Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries (my reviews) instead and till today I do not have any problems. It is very important you DO NOT use Lithium batteries as the output of these batteries are high and it will burn the headlamp circuit out. I will not explain in details on the headlamp as you can view a youtube presentation by G3 which I found.

There are many headlamps out there but Tikka XP is a must have. For your home, car, travel anywhere. On top of that, Petzl have accessories for it or you can get a headlamp that comes with it. Their response to email queries is responsive so I would rate the after service good. What happen the last time when I need to replace the head band on the MYO XP, the local agent was not very helpful. I wrote another email to Petzl and immediately the local agent replied and I got the head band replaced.
Here is Petzl website

  • A single light source that addresses multiple lighting needs:
    - three lighting levels (maximum, optimum, economic)
    - two lighting modes (continuous and flashing)
    - flood beam for sharp proximity lighting (Wide Angle lens)
    - spot beam shines up to 35 meters
    - Boost mode: shines 50 meters for up to 20 seconds

  • Compact and lightweight:
    - single compartment contains LED and batteries
    - weighs less than 100 g including batteries