Camping Tents

What is the most important thing or item when you ask someone about camping?? The TENT!! To those who DO NOT spent time in the wilderness, they would want to have a safe tent, away from insect, animals and the weather!!

Camping Tents are the heaviest item that we will carry. I will discuss 3 different types of camping and what kind of tents are best suited.

Wilderness Camping by foot or bike
That means you are away from civilisation and you are all alone or just your buddy. In such cases you would want to travel light. Below are few different types of ideal camping shelter for lightweight camping.

Bivy Sack

It is slightly bigger than a sleeping bag and it provide either a sheltered version or just a insect netting.

Who uses bivy sacks? People who:
-Frequently travel solo in the backcountry.
-Climb big-wall routes that require more than a day to complete.
-Camp during long-distance biking trips.
-Seriously desire to shed every possible weight from their loads.
-Don't mind sleeping in snug spaces.

Advantages -Light weight
Disadvantages -Minimum shelter, solo use, need a flat ground

Hammock Tent
This sort of tent is suspended from the ground. They have shelter and mosquito netting. I have the Hennessy Hammock and it weighs only 1200g. The reason I got this tent because it is very ideal for Taiwan's rocky terrain and South East Asia Jungle. Such tent was formerly called jungle hammock during World War 2, soldiers found it difficult to sleep in the jungle where the ground is always moist and wet so often they would use the hammock.
This tent is so easy to use that I bring it on most of my outing.

Advantages -Light weight, convert to lounge chair, use the tarp alone, do not need a flat ground
Disadvantages -Minimum shelter but enough to hide under the rain, solo use

Dome Tent

Picture of REI Quarter Dome Tent
This is the latest addition to my tents. Currently I owned the 2 and 3 men version. The 2 men version weighs 1800g which is very light and it pack small enough to go into my back pack. I will use this tent almost anywhere except in the rocky mountain where the ground is nasty enough to puncture a hole. If I am solo bike touring I would use the hammock tent instead to reduce the weigh and size.

Advantages -safer, better shelter, room for 2
Disadvantages -compare to the above, it is the heaviest, packs bigger and need a flat ground

Tarp is the lightest camping shelter one can ask for. There are many different types of tarp ranging from rain poncho to high end Tarp. All you need to do is to rig up an overhead shelter or convert it to an A-tent. Here are some ideals

Advantages - lightweight, cheaper
Disadvantage - minimum protection from insect and weather

2. Tent Camping
This is comfort camping, you camp for the sake of being outdoor and most of the activities involved around the camp area. Most of the time you will drive to the campsite. Such camping is like bring your house to another location. Ideally depending on your group size, a family tent is good. If you are a couple than get a 3men tent or if you have a family of 4 get a 4-men tent. Do not try to save money to get a 8-men tent. I found out that most of the campsites in Taiwan do not have wooden platform for 8-men. Most of them are good enough for 4-men tent.

They have 2 separate compartments ideal for couple with kids.

3. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Camping
Besides build-in RV Camper van. The picture below shows a SUV with the tent on top.
The beauty about it is that you can drive to anywhere and just camp. The setup is relatively simple. If you are interested you may want to view this Taiwanese blogger for more details on the Pathfinder Tent. I might consider this one day but not today....

Pictures from RV Camp Blog


  1. Thanks for the great info. Your site is a real treasure.Much appreciated.
    A quick question, if I may: Wouldn't hammocks put too much pressure/weight on one's back? It seems to me that it would aggravate any back pain. There are many people on the Internet who claim otherwise -- that you can even sleep on your stomach!

  2. I would agree to your statement however if you carry on reading on my review on Hennessy Hammock, you can read that this hammock design is different from others. Honestly I have not tried sleeping on my stomach but my local friends I introduced claim that it is a comfort to be in it. Thanks for the comment.

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