Pingtung County Bike Trip

Day 01 Sun 5 Apr
Hengchun Township Ride 16.3Km

We met up with the biking members from Formosan Serow Biking Club at 8am in Kaohsiung Extreme Sport Center. Together 11 bikers, 2 pick-up trucks and 2 cars set out to Hengchun Township in Pingtung County, somewhere near to Kenting for a leisure ride. The southern island ride covered 16.3km and it took us to Longshei Police Station where they provide all the biker's need from a cold refreshment to bike repair if needed. We later rode on to Guanshan Temple and had a bird eye view of the coast but too bad it was hazy on that day. About 1.5km south of the temple, we stop over for a lunch break where they served the famous intestinal glutinous rice with sausage. After the break we headed down the coast and rode back to our vehicle.

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From there we drove down to the infamous Chateau Beach Resort where the Taiwanese movie "Cape No.7" was filmed. After a hot sunny day ride, a cold dip in the beautiful blue sea was welcoming. Ah Kuei our ride leader was having a presentation on Biking and Hobie festival at the resort and thanks to AK, we were able to use the facilities and he managed to arrange an accommodation for a night at the resort.

Day 02 Mon 6 Apr 09
Kenting Ride 19km

Spent the morning enjoying the sun, sand and beach at Chateau Beach resort

在較大的地圖上查看Kenting Ride 06 Apr 09.kmz

Riding around Kenting and Sheding Nature Trial Park

You will need to purchase ticket to get into Kenting National Recreation Park, bikes are not allow in the park.

About one kilometer south of the Kenting National Recreation Park, there is a trail. I wanted to use this trail to head to the eastern part of the island but was cut short by fences and gates. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of 3 deers along the way but they were too fast for my camera. If you head further south of the path, it will lead you to Sheding Nature Trail Park. The condition in Sheding Nature Trial Park is in really bad state. Towards the southern trail, there were overgrow weeds till some part of the path were missing.

Day 03 Tue 07 Apr 09
Kenting to SiaJia Campsite

Left Kenting in the morning and headed to SaiJia Campsite. Along the way we stop by to get Black Pearl (Jambu). Currently this is Black Pearl season and my son's favourite. The whole box around 18 Black Pearl cost NTD200. I would advise that one should not buy from the box but instead you should choose the Black Pearl. I later found out in the box some of the Black Pearl was not totally ripe.

By the afternoon we arrived at Siajai Campsite. There were not occupant expect us and another couple who was very regular there. The campsite provide hot water for shower, hot and cold water dispenser, even hair dryer and a 110V power supply beside your tent. The place is very well maintain and I would rate this a five star campsite. The cost for a platform is NTD200. The only problem was the houseflies, not that the place is dirty but nearly by the campsite there are many fruit farms such Mango and pinapple farms. Anyway the housefly dissappear just after 6pm and only appear around 7am...Hm guess they have time-table too.

Day 04 Wed 08 Apr
Siajia - Koushe Ride 22Km

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We started cycling in the late morning to Koushe, the plan was to cycle to Maer and Anpo and make a round turn back on route 185 to SiaJia Campsite. Some how I made the wrong turn and ended up the mountain road. We cycled 8km up the mountain and took us almost 2hrs to rach 582mtrs high. However it was a good ride, we took our time. There was not even a single car on the mountain road.

Total distance for the day 22Km

Day 05 SiaJia 09 Apr
SiaJia - Sandimen Ride 18.7Km, Maolin Dona

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Another day another ride. An easy casual ride that took us to Sandimen and back. The ride cover 18.7Km. The only tough part of the ride was a step 2km climb to Sandimen. Nothing really special at Sandimen, if I have a choice I will not stop by the place again. The only place I might stop by is the restaurant that we had lunch. They have a great view but too bad the day was hazy. We ordered, wild rabbit, pin-lan flower and wild corn field rat... yes rat!!! It tasted like chicken. They have other exotic dishes but already the 3 dishes and a bottle of beer was enough for both of us.

The afternoon we decided to head up Maolin for bike camp. It was a total disappointment at Dona Hot Spring camp site. They wanted to charge us NTD350 for a camp area and place was total run down. There were many tents at the campsite but they look like they have been camping there for months. Some even built rooms at the campsite. This will be my last trip to Dona until I hear they revamp the place. So sadly and disappointed we decided to end our journey and head back to Kaohsiung.

Dona Hot Spring Campsite

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