Camping Map Update

We have changed the setting to the Camping Map. This will bring you directly to Google Map Engine. Please download from Google Play Store "My Maps" which will provide navigation. For iOS you need to find the Google App. Otherwise you can download the KML files.

Camping Failure 1

20 June 2009, we found this newly built hot spring camp site by chance. It was located in Kaohsiung, Laonong River 荖濃溪. It was not ready at that time but expected to open in few months time. It was really lovely, camping by the river and hot spring pool facing the mountain. 

We were planning to be the first to visit the camp area but then came Typhoon Marokot on 8 Aug 2009 and swept it all away. What a pity!!! Tell me if this camp area beautiful???!!! 

 private pool

 camp ground


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