DIY Alcohol Stove Pot Trivet / Pot Stand

This is an easy to DIY pot stand that can be used on any Alcohol stove. Material is Aluminium and it weighs almost nothing. Took the template from The Pocket Stove Trivet, below the post are the measurement you can used and make one for yourself.

Tools Requirement

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Aluminium Windscreen
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Mini Files

I have used a nine piece aluminium folding windscrew, simply knock of the joint and take 1 piece out. There are 8 more pieces that can still function as a windscreen.


 Initially had used a shear, decided to switch to scissors and it works

 Hole punch and cutting the joint slot. This is important, make sure you do not over cut it

 Filing the joint slot and mallet it to straighten 

 Touch up

 Test fitting...more filing on the sides needed


top view

Fits The Pocket Stove

 Heat Test and Looking Gooood!!! Huston we have a go!!!

 Super lightweight!!

Need not copy the same design, more important are the measurements below. You can make square edges or not is up to you. More important you must get the joint slot accurately, it must be in the centre. 

 Length 100mm

 Width 16mm

 This is not important is up to you. The measurement 26mm

For the base width depends on your Alcohol size. My width was made for the Trangia Stove

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