Sanyo eneloop USB rechargeable Battery

I got these batteries since 2007 after reading an article by StefanV. I decided to try them after my Sony rechargeable batteries was depleting too fast and it needed replacement. I purchased the eneloop USB charging version since I wanted to travel light. Weighing only 48g and after extensive usage for 2 years the unit is still working fine.

AA(R6) 1900mAh batteries

AAA(R03) 800mAh battries

adjustable for either AA(R6) or AAA(R03) batteries

eneloop family

Xbox 360

Solar Focus Mio

Mr Battery (Tekkeon 3450)

What I like about the eneloop battery is that it does not deplete it battery level after months of storage. Under StefanV reviews will clearly show that is a far better rechargable battery compare to others. So far after 2 years I did not experience and battery leaks

You are able to use the laptop USB ports to charge the batteries but your laptop must be left power on. Recently I used the batteries for my Xbox 360 controller. It has been a month and daily 6hrs usage the batteries are still 75% full. I could charge my spare batteries even without powering up the Xbox 360 through the USB ports (see picture). The charging time for 2AA batt takes about 3 to 4hours. The USB charger is able to charge only AA and AAA eneloop batteries

The USB charger only requires 5V so my possible charging configuration
1. Xbox 360
2. Laptop USB ports
3. Mr Battery (Tekkeon 3450)
5. Auto Cig. adaptor USB.
6. Solar Focus Mio

eneloop Resources

Most Rechargeable batteries do no perform better than Alkaline batteries. But it does save more money buying batteries and the helps keeping the enviroment GREENER.

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